A day in Altos del Maria with Lorna

A day in Altos del Maria with Lorna

People here are just wonderful. They are the nicest. I really love this country I call home.

Let me tell you the story!

Last Tuesday, we decided to go to Altos del Maria with Lorna. That was quite an adventure!

Altos del Maria is a mountain community located about 90 minutes from Panama City. The weather is much cooler and the views are just breathtaking. There are a lot of nature surroundings, little cascades where you can even swim, and picnic tables were you can enjoy the quietness of this location.

However, since it is a mountain location, you can only bet that you will go up and down the roads and if you are like me, a not very experienced driver on that type of road, you can be 100% sure that you will “enjoy” the same experience I did… After a few ups and downs, I suddenly saw a white smoke coming from “somewhere”! I just let the car rolled down the hill and stopped for discovering that my brakes were boiling and smoking! Oh wow! No cellphone signal in the bottom of the hill of course!

Poor Smoking Car

After a few minutes, some local people stopped probably taking the 2 girls in pity and explained that this was “normal” to make your brakes smoking in Altos! They also told me that I have to use my sequential transmission. My what???? The “+” and the “-” that is right next to my transmission! Oh ok! Thanks 🙂 One of them even checked my car levels and poured some brake fluid so I have nothing to worry about!

We were then ready to keep going and enjoy a wonderful meal in Altos del Maria’s restaurant (Great food, wonderful views, amazing staff, and cheap prices!).

Blue Cheese Burger

We ended our day in the rain, but what would be Panama during rainy season without these strong showers!



Rio Maria Bridge

Beautiful views! I feel lucky to live here!


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